Oh My Green Rebrands To Garten

It all began in a garden. 

Michael and GrandmotherFounder and CEO Michael Heinrich was in his grandmother’s garden in Germany when he learned about the power of food. An avid gardener and medical doctor, his grandmother taught him how to use food to fuel his mind and body. Michael initially pushed the lessons to the back of his thoughts as he began a career in finance. Quickly he discovered corporate culture prizes productivity over health. Michael found this perspective flawed, remembered his grandmother’s advice and put his own healthful ideas into practice. They worked.

Research has since proven that health and productivity go hand in hand, and the more healthful foods people consume during the day, the happier, more engaged, and creative they become. Supported with research, nutritionists, chefs and a mission, Michael founded Oh My Green. Healthful food became the foundation of our company, just as it’s the foundation for growth, creativity, productivity and happiness in our work and lives. Today that mission has expanded to bring in wellbeing through meditation, mindfulness and community events. And Oh My Green is now garten, the German word for “garden.”

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SAN FRANCISCO, Aug 2020/PRNewswire/ — Oh My Green, a leading provider of healthy food and wellbeing services for corporations of all sizes, today announced it has rebranded to garten, to better align with its nutrition heritage and double-down its vision to be a full-service wellbeing provider for companies. In addition to a new name, garten is also debuting a new look and feel of the brand, new logo and marketing initiatives to support the launch.

The idea for garten started in founder Michael Heinrich’s grandmother’s German garden where he learned about the power of using food to nourish and heal the mind and body. garten, which is the German word for garden, pays homage to the roots of the company.

In development for over a year, the rebrand signifies a turning point as the company moves to a broader wellbeing service provider focused on the mind, body, and environment. With a dynamic shift in the workplace happening as companies explore longer-term onsite and remote workplace options, employers are looking for solutions to support all aspects of their employees’ wellbeing both offsite and onsite.

“AtGarten Micro Markets garten, our vision is to bring a modern approach to overall wellbeing in the workplace and the rebrand marks an important step in the evolution of our company,” said Michael Heinrich, founder and CEO of garten. “The focus on health is top-of-mind and more important than ever. We’ve heard from numerous leaders that wellness and especially immunity will play an integral role in how they support their employees as they come back to the workforce, whether onsite or remote.”

In the past year, garten doubled its customer base by partnering with like-minded companies such as Autodesk, Google, and Slack who see that high-quality food and a holistic approach to overall wellbeing are a critical component to driving employee engagement. Deeply rooted in health and safety, garten is utilizing the expertise of the CDC, State and Federal agencies to work with companies to help them safely re-enter the workplace and support their employees. With the implementation of stringent health and safety measures, the garten team is committed to protecting not only garten employees and clients, but the families they go home to as well.

Under the new brand name, garten’s services have been rebranded to include:

  • garten Kitchen: In-office turn-key micro-kitchens maintained by garten’s onsite staff, complete with beverages, snacks and more.
  • garten Basket: For offices that don’t need onsite kitchen support but want to provide nutritious snacks to their employees, these curated boxes are delivered directly to the office and consist of fresh fruits and up and coming artisanal snacks.
  • garten Chef: Breakfast, lunch, dinner and everything in between, garten chefs create delicious onsite daily meals for employees.
  • garten Snack-from-Home: Shipped directly to employee’s home offices, these boxes support a remote workforce with a variety of healthy snacks.
  • garten Market: Formerly known as Byte, smart and modern refrigerators are stocked full of fresh snacks and meals.
  • garten Wellbeing: In-office and virtual wellness classes like yoga and meditation to support individual wellness or team bonding.

To learn more about garten and see the new look, visit www.garten.co.

About garten
Garten Wellbeing, PBC, formerly Oh My Green, PBC, is creating workplace wellbeing through healthy food and wellbeing services. Founded in 2014 out of the Stanford-StartX Incubator and Y Combinator, garten offers a wellbeing platform that brings nutritious snacks, meals, drinks and wellbeing practices to the workplace through micro-kitchens, micro-markets, catering, Snack from Home boxes and more. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, garten works with startups to Fortune 500 companies across a range of industries. Visit www.garten.co for more information.

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