Mega Blaster Makes Every Kid Want To Stop And PLAY!

USA Mega BlasterMega Blaster makes every kid want to stop and PLAY!!!! Completely different than anything ever done in this industry. Huge novelty and alure!

Mega Blaster is the only machine in the world that gives kids what they want:

  • Candy!

  • Playing games!

  • Winning prizes!

A great money-making choice! Mega Blaster is ideal for recreation zones, shopping malls, cinemas, restaurants, convenient stores, bars, waiting areas, gas stations and more.

It is made of durable sheet metal and acrylic materials that will last for many years. A reliable coin mechanism provides trouble-free operation. Optional, built in lighting allows tremendous intensification of the design when an electrical outlet is available.


  • $1-$10 PER PLAY

  • Launch plate holds up to 10 jumbo BOUNCY BALLS

  • Accepts multiple dollars per play

  • Globe capacity 1,400 35 mm BOUNCY BALLS

  • Prize Capacity: 400 Prizes

  • Average one prize per every $10 played.

  • Built in electrical connect option

  • Simple/Sturdy, virtually maintenance free

  • Polycarbonate, Metal Construction

  • Revenue per load: $1,400

  • BOUNCY BALLS and PRIZES cost $500

  • Customers always get a 35mm BOUNCY BALL FOR EVERY DOLLAR PLAYED

For more information visit

Contact Gerald Stansbury,,
Amazing Vending Machines Inc.
2800 Dairy Ashford
Houston, Texas 77082
Cell: (602) 319-4279

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