One solution for all payments. Central and securely managed.

oPENeDGEDALLAS, TEXAS, October 23 2019 – Transforming the business of fun since 2001, Embed, the worldwide leader of the cashless business management systems and solutions for the amusement, entertainment and leisure industries, is partnering with OpenEdge, an integrated division of Global Payments Inc., to offer customers safe, secure and reliable payment solutions.

All transactions are fully integrated with Embed’s Toolkit software, eliminating double entry, human error and time-consuming reconciliation. This integration allows end-users to make purchases within the software solution itself, rather than exiting the platform to complete the sale through a third-party and provides one central solution for all payment types, including kiosk, POS, online, Chip and PIN, NFC, and tip authorization.

“We are excited to leverage our single international API and worldwide footprint to form a technology partnership with Embed to offer a comprehensive payment solution delivering more flexibility, ease of use and operational benefits for their customers,” said Robert Cortopassi, President of Global Payments Integrated. “The result is an embedded commerce solution that delivers a more secure and dependable integrated payments product, providing industry-leading customer service to Embed’s customers anywhere in the world.”

“The partnership with OpenEdge reinforces our commitment to offering the best products and services available in the market. OpenEdge ensures our operators can access a central system for secure reliable payment solutions through all aspects of our Toolkit and Kiosk solutions. Which means reconciling daily payments is easy because all payments are recorded directly in the software, making end-of-day reporting a breeze. This is part of our ongoing focus to provide tailored solutions to help our customers drive more profits for their business by increasing their revenue, reducing their costs and achieving their business goals.” said Renee Welsh, CEO, Solutions Group, Embed.

As part of Embed’s launch special, Embed is offering customers free Ingenico® device when they sign up with OpenEdge for payment solutions within Embed’s platform.

For more information on how Embed and OpenEdge can get you started with integrated payment solutions, contact 1800-774-6462 | startnow@openedgepay.com | www.openedgepayment.com

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