DMVI Creates Custom Hair Vending Machine

Diamond Dynasty Vending MachineAre you thinking about offering your products to your customers from a vending machine? If so, in 2022 vending machines continue to be one of the best ways that companies can get their products in the hands of new customers.

Vending machines are a safe, contactless method of product distribution, and Digital Media Vending International, LLC can create custom vending machines for your business that will enable your business to have a presence anywhere, regardless of the location, city, state, country or what’s happening in the world.

Custom Vending Machines

Unlike the traditional candy and soda vending machines that you may be familiar with from the past, Digital Media Vending International, LLC creates custom vending machines that come in all shapes and sizes.

Their smart vending machines are truly exceptional and are far better than the average converted candy and soda machines on the market today. These machines also offer the option of a touchless interface that enables users to control the vending machine from their smartphones so that they can make their purchase without actually having to touch the machine itself.

Diamond Dynasty Hair Vending Machine

A Digital Media Vending International, LLC free standing smart vending machine includes a product elevator, conveyor belt system, no-touch delivery door and so much more!

The company has been growing during the Covid-19 pandemic. They recently created a smart hair vending machine for Diamond Dynasty, a hair and beauty franchise with locations in 8 states. These smart vending machines are typically placed in shopping malls and enable customers to purchase hair extensions and other beauty products from the vending machine. Visit

Why Vending Machines Continue To Grow In Popularity In 2022

Although vending machines were once commonly thought to be just for candy and soda, in 2022 they are an ideal method of product distribution because they can be working 24-7 and don’t require any contact with other people.

Digital Media Vending International, LLC will help you distribute your product to a larger audience and grow your business. To learn more about them visit their website at or call (800) 490-1108, email