COVID Thermal Scanner by Vending Design Works

Covid Thermal ScannerCOVID Thermal ScannerVending Design Works now has available a new heat imaging scanner to measure the temperature of individuals as they enter a facility. This device cannot distinguish if the individual has the corona virus but it will let you know that the person has an elevated temperature and has some illness. If you are concerned about your facility such as a school, office tower, hockey arena, theatre, casino, this machine will allow you to read every person passing by the device almost instantaneously. We do live in a community and we need to help each other.

There is no other device in the market pace that can provide this information as quickly. The software is designed. The hardware tested. The product is set so that when it is received it needs to be plugged in, allowed to set up and its ready to go. The owner of the device does not need to do anything to get started.

As businesses across the country are planning to reopen, keeping employees safe is the top priority of their return-to-work strategies.

Body Temperature Reading solutions to help companies deliver a safe environment and get back to work safely.

The solution can screen body temperature in less than 1 second and keep moving people quickly. It is complete plug & play with no IT integration required.

Available with desk stand, floor stand, wall mount and more options, it is ideals for offices, factories, hotels, movie theatres, super markets and more.

As businesses across the country are planning to reopen, keeping employees safe is the top priority of their return-to-work strategies.

Stand-alone Temperature Reading Kiosk

  • Walk-by mode supported: scans multiple people at a time in moving traffic
  • Instantaneous temp. reading in<1 second, able to handle large volume of traffic
  • Advanced infrared image sensor, accuracy ≤ 0.9°F (0.5°F after on-site calibration), detection distance 2.5~5ft
  • Forehead temp. measurement, no need to remove face-mask or hat
  • Plug & play with no IT integration required
  • Customizable temp. thresholds, instant “Process / Wait” indication and verbal feedback
  • Flexible installation for various building entry types, walk-thru gates, doorways, etc.
  • Full API supports integration with 3rd party Building Management System
  • Support facial recognition for logging and access control
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