California Exempts Coffee from Prop 65

California Exempts Coffee from Prop 65

Yesterday, California state regulators gave final approval to a proposed regulation stating that coffee does not pose a significant cancer risk,officially exempting coffee from Prop 65 warning requirements.

The approval of this regulation is a major victory for coffee manufacturers as well as office coffee, vending and micro market operators who would have been required to place warning signs in all locations where coffee is provided or sold.

NAMA Engagment:

NAMA led industry efforts to support the proposed rule by California regulators to NOT require Prop 65 warning labels on locations that sell coffee.

·      Investor’s Business Daily featured an Op-Ed authored by both NAMA Board Member Tom Steuber and CEO Carla Balakgie. “What’s Brewing in the Golden State,” conveyed the industry’s support for revisions in California’s Prop 65 stating that coffee is not a cancer risk.

·      Robert Donohue, Canteen Corporation and Chair of CAVC’s Government Affairs committee testified in Sacramento that the convenience services industry supported OEHHA’s proposal to exempt coffee from Prop 65.


Prop 65, requires a warning label on products sold in California that are believed to contain chemicals that cause cancer or reproductive harm including acrylamide. Acrylamide is found in roasted coffee beans and beverages brewed from them.  The requirement originally stated that that Prop 65 warnings must be placed on all coffee sold in California including vending, office coffee and micro markets.

In June of 2018, the California Office of Environmental Health Hazzard Assessment (OEHHA) proposed that drinking coffee does not pose a significant cancer risk, despite the presence of acrylamide and effectively exempts coffee from Prop 65’s warning requirements. OEHHA approved the clarifying section yesterday.

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