Applestone Meat Company Thrives During COVID-19

Applestone Meat Co Vending MachinesSince early 2000’s, Applestone Meat Company has been a trailblazer in the meat industry because they specialize in selling freshcut meat that wasn’t raised using antibiotics or hormones. 

What makes their Hudson and Stone Ridge locations unique is that they are open 24-7 because those locations offer vending machines that are stocked with the latest cuts from their shops. 

Using vending machines has enabled owner Joshua Applestone to expand his presence in New York and go from having a small butcher shop, to two locations, that serve hundreds of customers every week. 

Thriving During COVID-19 

Since COVID-19, Applestone has become even more valuable to their communities where their shops reside because they’ve enabled people in the Stone Ridge and Hudson areas to continue having access to fresh cuts of meat while other butcher shops in the area have closed down. 

Thanks to their meat vending machines, Joshua Applestone, and his team can continue serving their customers, offering them a convenient way to buy fresh cut meats without having to stand in a store with dozens of other people. 

Healthy Meat Options 

Applestone Meat company prides itself on offering healthy meat options that will accommodate any appetite or budget and their commitment to excellent service hasn’t wavered even during Coronavirus. 

In 2020, having the ability to buy meat that was raised by farmers who didn’t use hormones or antibiotics is more important to consumers than ever before.  

Many farmers around the world still use hormones though because the meat industry is a business, and farmers who raise cattle for the meat industry get paid per pound, so some farms are willing to compromise the quality of their cattle for profit. 

Solutions are available, and shops like the Applestone Meat Company make it possible for people to purchase meat that’s also going to be good for them to easy as well. 

Applestone certainly stands out from other companies during the COVID-19 crisis that are using vending machines to deliver product to their customers. They are quite literally the only butcher company in the United States right now that’s using vending for product deliverability while other brick and mortar companies are using vending technology to deliver items like fully cooked meals, snacks, sandwiches, or pizza to their customers. 

Great Selection Of Meats To Choose From 

Step into either of Applestones locations and you will find a great selection of meats to choose from including sausage, pork, beef, and lamb in a variety of cuts ranging from pork chops, ground beef, lamb chops, and beef ribeye. 

During the COVID-19 crisis, vending machines have been classified as essential businesses because they don’t require physical contact that could also risk spreading Coronavirus.  

Applestone’s meat vending machines have thrived during COVID-19 because they’ve made it possible for people in New York to continue buying healthy meat without having to sacrifice what they are consuming during the pandemic. 

Even though the New York area has been one of the hardest-hit areas in the United States during COVID-19, Applestone Meat company’s business has continued growing because they’ve kept their vending machines stocked with a fresh supply of great cuts of meat every week.  

The company has also managed to build a “community” with their customers by sharing tips and recipes with them via their Facebook page and e-newsletter so that people can continue cooking great meals even while they are quarantined. 

To learn more about Applestone Meat Company visit their website at

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