Unique, small footprint standalone dispensers with state of the art software, digital advertising, age verification is the new normal.  

anytime-cbd-machineSan Diego Ca. – August 26, 2020 Anytime CBD, an innovative, creative, market savvy company has forged relationships with convenience store owners to place their unique small footprint vending machine in prime store locations across California and other states.   

This has been a long awaited opportunity years in the making and they are excited to be able to finally make this announcement.  

Anytime CBD has developed a powerful line of CBD based products that caters to both humans and animals. Their line includes but not limited to tinctures, salves, drops, rubs, roll-ons, all available through their vending machine or on their website All their products for sale through the vending machine are zero THC.  

The vending machine is unique in that it only takes up 4 sq. ft. of floor space, is completely self sufficient other than the need for a power outlet. The machine took 4 years to develop and has patents pending on the many features it holds. Most notable is the capacity of up to 18 SKU’s, conveyor delivery, custom software, interactive touch screen with touchless on the way, age verification, advertising, sound, delivery detection, real-time reporting, cashless payments including apple pay, google wallet tap, swipe and chip and additional product storage and cellular access.

The owners of this amazing company are seasoned entrepreneurs and their passion, commitment, and tenacity to see this project through is a testament to the American culture. 

AL tells us he could not be more excited to be finally in the market. He is so appreciative of the work and commitment of the designer of the vending machine and his need to see this come to reality. We are happy to be working with a 16-year veteran in the vending space, a creative designer and developer of many different types of vending systems, hardware, software and electronics. Knowing that these machines are truly “Made in America” helps us to Keep America Great. 

The vending machines are designed for the distribution of CBD and many other types of product in c-stores, health & fitness clubs, major universities and supermarkets, malls, airports, apartment complexes and many more.  

About AnytimeCBD 

Anytime CBDAnytime CBD is focused on the health and nutritional benefits that are derived from CBD. Products are sold thru automated vending machines place in retail stores, universities, health and fitness clubs, physicians and veterinarian clinics. And it’s website 

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