Try PopCorners, An Alternative To Traditional Potato Chips 

PopCorners SnacksIf you own a micromarket or vending machine route, you know that there’s always a demand for potato chips but the snack food market is changing in 2020. 

More consumers are opting for healthy snack chips that are kosher, non-GMO, glutenfree, and made with a wide variety of natural ingredients including kale, roasted beets, roasted cauliflower, and sea salt.  For a healthy alternative to traditional potato chips, try PopCorners brand snacks.

About PopCorners 

Since the company launched in 1998, they’ve been quietly building a reputation in the snack food community as being wholesome snacks that anyone can enjoy. 

PopCorners has filled a void in the healthy snack food market because their snacks will remind consumers of their favorite chips but the difference is that these chips are made with healthy ingredients. 

What’s even more appealing about PopCorners is that they also produce proteinrich snacks that proPopCorners Kettle Cornvide consumers with an energypacked source of protein that also tastes great at the same time. 


Made from non-GMO corn that’s grown on 59 farms across the United States, PopCorners are an airpopped (never fried) delicious treat that appeals to consumers of all ages. 

Even though these snacks might seem simple, they are far from simple, and can be classified as being sophisticated because they meet the criteria of today’s health conscious diet, while also tasting great at the same time. 

Made From Ingredients You Can Pronounce 

In 2020, there are a wide variety of snack foods on the market that have ingredients that are complicated to understand and pronounce. 

With PopCorners brand snacks, consumers can enjoy them with confidence because these snacks are made from simple ingredients which include yellow corn, cane sugar, sea salt, and sunflower oil. 

To learn more about PopCorners, visit their website at

Telephone: 845-271-7360

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