Snickers Announces 100-Calorie Bars

Snickers 100 Calorie BarSnickers bars have been the candy bar of choice since they were first released in 1930 by Mar’s, Incorporated.  

Over the years, the company has made changes to the original Snickers bar recipe, and it has evolved from being a candy bar that people know and love to become a “goto” source of protein that people opt for during the middle of the day, after workouts, or when they are in between meals. 

Snickers bars have earned their place as one of the best candy bars out there, but what most people don’t know is that regular Snickers bars have 280 calories and 14 grams of fat. 

Thankfully, Snickers is doing something about the calories by releasing a new 100 calorie bar, and this means that fans can now enjoy the same great flavor that they’ve come to know and love about Snickers without having to be concerned about the calories. 

How Big Are They? 

With an average retail price of 59 cents per bar, the 100 calorie Snickers bars are about the same size as one Twix bar, so they are precisely in the middle, between the bitesize and regular version of Snickers. 

The flavor wasn’t compromised with the new size, they still taste the same as before, but the smaller bars have fewer calories, and this will cause Snickers fans to breathe a “sigh of relief” since they can still enjoy the new Snickers size while also having confidence that it is going to taste like a standard size Snickers bar. 

More than 400 million Snickers bars are sold around the United States year, and this statistic only continues to grow as more people become acquainted with the well-known candy bar that has caramel, peanuts and is covered in milk chocolate. 

A Versatile Candy Bar 

Named after Snickers, the favorite horse of former owner Frank Mars, Snickers bars have developed from just a candy bar that people grab for a sweet treat to a versatile candy bar that serves more than one purpose. 

People prefer Snickers because they are the candy bar that satisfies and doesn’t leave you feeling hungry after you’ve eaten it. This could be due to the peanuts that each Snickers bar contains, the milk chocolate, caramel, or all of the above, either way; it is a candy bar that people will buy when they are hungry, craving chocolate, or need an energy boost. 

What’s excellent about Snickers bars is that in 2020 they are also widely recognized as an acceptable meal replacement for people who are health conscious and trying to lose weight.  

It makes sense for Micro Markets and vending machine owners to stock the Snickers 100 calorie bars because more people will be searching for a quick source of protein or meal replacement during the summer months, and this will increase sales. 

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