SkinnyDipped Peanuts – The Protein Snack Your Body Needs 

Skinnydipped PeanutsAre you searching for healthier snack options for your vending or micro-market customers? If so, SkinnyDipped offers delicious dipped nuts that make a perfect snack while nourishing your body at the same time.  Made by Wild Things Snacks, SkinnyDipped nuts have been a snacking sensation since they launched in 2013.  What’s ideal about their delicious nuts is that they contain 5 grams of protein per serving and have no artificial flavors or colors. 

The term “SkinnyDipped” refers to the way that their cashews, almonds and peanuts are dipped in a very thin layer of yogurt or chocolate.  Thanks to this balanced coating, consumers who enjoy SkinnyDipped nuts can have confidence that they are getting the protein that their bodies need without consuming a lot of sugar.  These snacks are also kosher and gluten free, so they will appeal to consumers who have specific dietary requirements. 

What Makes SkinnyDipped Snacks So Unique? 

SkinnyDipped nuts are grown in the United States and Vietnam, while their shade-grown cacao is sourced around the world from growers who have a commitment to quality and sustainability.  With SkinnyDipped snacks, consumers get the ‘best of both worlds’ because they will be consuming a snack that nourishes their body and also tastes great at the same time. 

Founded by Breezy and Val Griffith, SkinnyDipped is woman-founded company that has changed the snack food industry by giving consumers a delicious, healthy snack food.  Besides accomplishing their goal of bringing a healthy snack food to the market, they’ve also accomplished their goal of building environmentally sustainable company as well. 

SkinnyDipped“We craft snacks that nourish your body and your spirit. We believe everyone deserves to eat the kind of delicious, nutritious and clean food we’re fortunate enough to share with our own families and friends. As a women-founded company, we are committed to raising up and supporting women and the children they care for in both our local communities and around the globe. Because no one, especially a child, deserves to go without love or food.” —Val Griffith, Founder

To learn more about SkinnyDipped, visit their website today at 

Sinnydipped Founders

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