Q Drinks Offers A New Way To Enjoy Carbonated Beverages

Q DrinksIn 2020, the carbonated beverage market is still dominated by time tested companies like Coca-Cola Company and PepsiCo. As the demand for “better for you” products continue to grow with each passing year, more consumers want to enjoy carbonated beverages which are flavorful and are good for them at the same time. 

With Q Drinks beverages, consumers have been able to enjoy tasty and refreshing carbonated beverages without having to deal with the carbs, sodium, and sugar that are well-known with traditional sodas. 

Not Your Average Carbonated Beverage 

Consumers who have been buying Coke, Pepsi, Sprite, or Dr. Pepper know what to expect with each bottle, because they have been drinking them for years. 

With Q Drinks, each bottle or can of their carbonated beverages is different because the company makes them in a wide variety of flavors including lemon, ginger, grapefruit, and orange, plus they have also created their version of tonic water as well. 

Natural flavored sodas made by companies like Q Drinks are quickly rising in popularity. Consumers who enjoy them know that they can drink them without walking away feeling bloated or being concerned about their sugar consumption. 

The “Better For You” Carbonated Drink

Bottled in aluminum cans and glass bottles, Q Drinks is passionate about creating beverages that are changing the way that consumers think about soda. How? Unlike sodas that were created in the past, carbonated beverages made by Q Drinks offer delicious flavors that are made from ideal ingredients like organic agave that’s grown in the Mexican countryside, to ginger from Southeast Asia. 

What’s ideal about Q Drinks is that they can be enjoyed anytime since they offer the bubbles of a carbonated drink and delicious flavor without being high in calories, sugar, or sodium. 

To learn more about Q Drinks, visit their website at http://www.qdrinks.com/  

PHONE: 718.398.6642

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