Nestlé Announces Release of Plant-Based Creamer in Pump Bottle 

Coffee-Mate CreamerThere’s no denying that non-dairy creamers have been on the market for years and coffee drinkers who prefer to go with milkfree options have used other almond milk-based creamers before.  

Thankfully, Nestle has been on the “forefront” of developing non-dairy creamers and they now offer one in a convenient pump bottle. 

The good news about this new Coffee-Mate option is that it’s an almond milk creamer concentrate that’s also been designed for the “rigors” of the foodservice industry. This means that it’s not going to spoil like other traditional milk-based creamers that have to remain chilled all day to avoid spoiling. 

What’s even better is that Nestle’s nondairy creamer is going to come in a space-saving, pumpaction, bottle that’s good for 300 services. This is going to be awesome for any coffee shop or store that offers fresh coffee because it’s going to ensure that they have a reliable non-dairy option to offer their customers. 

What Is the Non-Dairy Creamer Made From? 

Besides wanting the best non-dairy options these days, coffee drinkers who prefer to use non-dairy creamers also want to have confidence that their creamers are actually dairyfree. 

The new CoffeeMate non-dairy creamer is a 100% vegan creamer that’s made from delicious almond milk, vanilla, and other natural flavors.  

Anyone who tries this creamer will have confidence that it doesn’t have any artificial colors or additives that other creamers on the market today often have. 

Convenient Pump Bottle  

Creating non-dairy creamers is certainly nothing new for Nestle and Coffee-Mate since you can walk into any grocery store in the United States and find bottles of their Natural Bliss nondairy brand. 

Coffee drinkers can find Natural Bliss creamers in a variety of flavors, including Cashew Milk, but those bottles have lids with pour spouts that can easily spill. 

Thankfully their new non-dairy creamer in the pump bottle will be appealing to coffee drinkers because there’s nothing easier than being able to “pump and go” with your morning cup of coffee. 

Demand for Plant-Based Milk Is Growing. 

In a recent interview, Nestle Professional stated that when they saw the demand for plant-based milk grow by almost 10% in 2018 they decided to offer more non-dairy creamer options.  

Nestle expects the demand for plant-based milk to continue growing each year and the company feels that 40% of consumers could want non-dairy options for milk and creamer by 2021. 

With almond milk being the #1 plant-based milk brand in the United States, it made sense for Nestle to bottle their plant-based creamer in a pump bottle to satisfy the needs of coffee drinkers, especially those who enjoy coffee while on the go. 

What’s Next For Nestle? 

As the coffee drinking population only continues to grow and age every year, there’s no doubt that we’re going to see more plant-based creamers come to market in convenient pump bottles that can be used anywhere from the local convenient store or at home.  

CoffeeMate is a creamer that coffee drinkers know and love so we can expect more convenient creamer options from Nestle in the years to come. 

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