Naturipe Snacks Announces Release Of New Snack Trays  

Naturipe Healthy SnacksWith more consumers embracing the “better for you” snack food market, Naturipe Snacks just announced that they are releasing new snacks to their healthy snack food product line. These snacks include Boost Bentos and Bliss Bentos. 

Based in Florida, Naturipe is a grower-owned partnership that’s dedicated to producing snacks with healthy ingredients.  

Naturipe snack trays are “ready to eat” and contain the right combination of ingredients which ensure that consumers who enjoy them will also get the Vitamin C, Fiber, Protein, and Calcium that their bodies need. 

By forming partnerships with farms in North and South America, the company can ensure the year-round availability of healthy ingredients for their snack food line while strengthening the farming community as a whole. 

About The New Naturips Snacks  

Their Bliss Bentos snack food line comes in four different varieties including: 

Chocolate Cheer – A Dark Chocolate snack that features crunchy granola. 

Vanilla Crunch – This snack offers crunchy granola along with a hearty assortment of grapes, blueberries, and honey roasted walnuts. 

Salty Caramelicious – Offers salted cashews with a mix of blueberries and salty granola. 

Berry Lemony – Features yogurt almonds, blueberries, and lemon coconut granola clusters. 

These snacks can be enjoyed anytime including between mealsor as meal replacements because they contain nutrientrich options that also satisfy the chocolate cravings that most consumers have these days. 

Consumers Can Feel Good About Eating 

Besides eating three snacks per day, consumers in 2020 also want to feel good about eating the snacks that they consume without having to be concerned about counting calories or artificial ingredients.  

Thanks to Naturipe, any consumer can enjoy snacking again regardless if they want a sweet treat, meal replacement, or need to add more protein to their diet. 

Since 1917, the Naturipe brand has been providing consumers with delicious snacks that are made from healthy ingredients. 

Millions of consumers have now spent their lives enjoying Naturipe snacks which also include their Naturipe bites and Fruit Cups. 

To learn more about Naturipe, and their snack foods, visit their website today at 

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