Clean Energy Drinks By Runa 

Runa Energy DrinksAre you searching for a better energy drink to offer your customers that doesn’t have man-made ingredients? If so, why not offer them a “clean energy” drink made by Runa? 

In today’s world, most energy drinks have lots of man-made ingredients that often are created in labs; Runa prides itself on creating energy drinks with ingredients that can be found in nature. 

The “Super Leaf” In Every Runa Energy Drink 

The cornerstone natural ingredient of Runa’s energy drinks is Guayusa, a “super leaf” that’s found in the Amazonian rain forest of Ecuador.  

This leaf is different than traditional tea leaves because it contains more caffeine than tea or coffee combined, plus it also has tons of natural properties like L-Theanine, and Polyphenols, both ingredients which often have to other energy drink formulas artificially before being released to the public.  

What’s great about drinking an energy drink by Runa is that since they are 100% natural, their energy drinks won’t leave you with a “crash” about an hour or so after you drink one. You will have sustained energy for hours, including clarity and focus, two critical things that most people want in this day and age after drinking an energy drink. 

Better For You, And The Planet 

When your customers buy a Runa energy drink, you can have confidence that they are consuming an energy drink that has healthy ingredients, that’s better for them. 

One can of Runa is also better for the planet too because proceeds from the sale of their energy drinks goes to supporting the Kichwa farmers who tend the Guayusa crop that’s grown in the Amazon rain forest gardens. 

The History And Tradition Behind Guayusa 

In the Amazon rain forest, the indigenous Kichwa people have been using Guayusa for generations as part of their everyday lives to help them feel “fully alive”. People in their community often consume it as part of their early morning routine, or before going out on hunts. 

The good news is that thanks to Runa, consumers who are energy drink fans can enjoy the benefits of Guayusa too. The company makes its energy drinks in a variety of flavors including Mango, Pineapple, Berry, Blood Orange, Watermelon, and Lime. What’s even better is that they also offer loose leaf tea as well so anyone can enjoy Guayusa the same way that it’s consumed in the Amazon rain forest. 

Runa energy drinks are all Fair Trade Certified, Kosher, Non-GMO, and USDA Organic. To learn more about them, visit their website at

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