All-Natural ‘Goody Goody’ Brand Sweet Potato Snacks Offer Nutrition With Extended Shelf Life

gruporemerco.comSweet potatoes, one of the most nutritious vegetables, are now available in single-serve snack packages that cater to health-conscious consumers. Goody Goody brand sweet potato strings are available in 2.45-ounce bags in both natural and salted varieties. The packages contain 75 grams of all natural product and have a one-year shelf life.

The sweet potato strings are produced by Remerco Agri-Industrial Co. Inc. which is a social enterprise located on the island of Mindoro off the coast of the mainland Luzon in the Philippines.

“Considering there is a traction towards natural foods and snacking without the guilt, we believe that this is an opportune time to offer the product in the U.S.,” said Ino Reyes, director of the company. The  company is interested in providing the product to convenience service operators, resellers and wholesale distributors in the U.S.

Interested parties can contact the company at

Vicky Aguinaldo-Reyes launched the company in 1986 with the goal of producing natural snacks that tasted good but contained no additives.

Another goal was to add value to the crops produced on the island and create more employment opportunities for the female work force.

The sweet potatoes are grown in the highlands of Mindoro island in the Philippines, according to Ino Reyes. The sweet potatoes are cleaned and julienned to a string-like shape and cooked in pure, organic coconut oil in a specially made burner which uses rice hull, the skin of the rice removed before milling.

The company’s quality control process uses metal and foreign object detectors before packing the sweet potato strings in individual packages, Reyes said.

The company first produced banana chips, a native delicacy consisting of sugar coated fried saba bananas which is the Filipino cousin of the South American plantain variety.

The same hand crafting skills used in producing the banana chips were applied to the sweet potatoes except that it was stringed rather than sliced owing to the hard texture of the sweet potato.

The Sweet Potato Strings are fried in coconut oil to highlight the natural flavors of the sweet potato. The salted variety was launched for customers who still wanted the goodness of sweet potato but were unwilling to compromise their tasty palate.

The suggested retail price is $2.00.

The sweet potato is a starchy, sweet-tasting root vegetable with thin, brown skin on the outside and colored flesh inside, Reyes explained. The most common variety is orange, but other varieties are white, purple or yellow.

Sweet potatoes are a rich source of fiber and B and C vitamins, and contain an array of minerals including iron, calcium and selenium. The sweet potato is high in an antioxidant known as beta-carotene, which converts to vitamin A once consumed.

Sweet and white potatoes are not related. Botanically, the sweet potato belongs to the bindweed or morning glory family, whereas the white potato sits in the nightshade family.

Goody Goody became the first commercially packed banana chips in modern packaging to be launched nationwide, according to Reyes. It is widely available in major supermarket chains of the Philippines such as SM, Landmark, Rustans, and convenient stores such as 7-11, Family Mart and All Mart, as well as the many mom and pop stores around the country through the distribution network of its partner companies in Manila. It is also available in the Philippines through the Internet.

The company is currently looking for importers or distributors or larger vending operators that may want to offer this product to the growing natural food advocates in the US. Interested parties can contact the company at

By Karen Scott, Publisher

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