NuMind Builds Phone Charger Rental Kiosk Routes

How does it work?

NuMind Solutions benefits you as a new business entrepreneur with complete support in building this specific business model with phone charger rental kiosks, for end users to rent portable chargers on-the-go.

A Phone Charger Rental Kiosk is similar to the Redbox model, where users pay a small fee to rent and return a portable battery charger at any of these phone charging kiosks. These kiosks offer a solution to help with what smartphone users face everyday: low battery anxiety.

  • NuMind does the work in setting up the kiosks placements in high traffic business locations in a specific city of your choice.
  • Initial Fee pays for Business Set-Up, and for trained scouts to find qualified high traffic business locations for your new kiosks.
  • Make extra income with these Phone Battery Rental Kiosks!
  • Proven success rate with ROI within 6-12 months, with very little maintenance!!
Phone Charger Rental Kiosk

Let us help you build your new Phone Charger Kiosk Route!

We find great locations such as: Hotels/Motels, Laundromats, Bars/Pubs, Coffee Shops, Restaurants, Colleges/Universities, Gentleman’s Clubs, Shopping Malls, Medical Clinics, Dentist, Auto body shops, Movie theaters, Chiropractors, Doctors offices, and more!

Contact David Ferrara, President of NuMind Solutions for more information. Call (888) 505-7483, or email

**NuMind Solutions donates a large percentage of the proceeds to charitable organizations.

NuMind Builds Routes!!

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