Nova Market Available for Self-Serve Micro Market Checkout

Nova Market

Nayax announces the availability of the Nova Market self-checkout kiosk in its U.S. ecommerce shop!! (

This latest addition to Nayax’s offering is a modular and affordable self-checkout point of sale (POS). The kiosk offers an easily scalable solution, meets all merchant requirements, and seamlessly integrates with Nayax’s best-in-class retail POS device, including robust cloud-based management service.

Micro markets are on track to make the quickest recovery of all convenience services because they offer a practical and improved experience both for vendors and consumers. Since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, consumer behavior has changed with consumers demanding a more personalized and seamless experience. Nova Market’s intuitive interface, cashless payment acceptance, and consumer loyalty offering gives consumers just this.

Bernard Streeter of S and S Vending, a current Nova Market user, opened his micro market business as an alternative to his vending business following a request from his customer in Fort City, Kansas. Streeter comments, “Currently, we’ve been maintaining about 65-70% sales increase per week. For us, compared to the standard vending system that we’ve been using, the ease of use and traceability is just so hands down better. We’re excited to see that we can save money and at the same time increase our sales.”

“With the growth of micro markets across the U.S., the use of Nayax’s Nova Market is an easy entry for Nayax customers looking to expand their business and increase their revenue,” said Carly Furman, CEO, Nayax LLC. “At Nayax, we’re continually thinking of how we can best serve retail operators in the long-term and are excited for this new offering to continue to help us accomplish this mission.”

The small, easy to install kiosk allows for a quick set-up and offers a fast and cost-effective way to start a micro market business. Additionally, the solution allows existing Nayax operators to:

  • Utilize the same solution to offer fresh, warm, cold, and premium products
  • Offer higher priced products
  • Serve more customers
  • Avoid operating hour restrictions (24/7)
  • Reduce labor costs
  • Earn higher revenue

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