Move Over Coffee! Woke Up! Herbal Energy Shot Is Here

Woke Up! Energy Shpts

A new herbal energy shot company called Woke Up! Energy Shot based in Tampa, FL has launched distribution for nationwide retail, vending, and online sales including Amazon after 5 years in development.  

Created by CEO Dilan Jay, the all natural caffeine shot boasts zero sugar, with a proprietary formula packed with adaptogens, herbs, healthy mushrooms, vitamins, and amino acids.  

Probably the most novel component of the Woke Up! formula is its caffeine sources. Instead of the ever-popular sourcing of caffeine from coffee beans or even tea leaves, product creator Dilan Jay decided to extract the shot’s caffeine from two Amazonian plants: yerba mate and guarana.  

Both yerba mate and guarana not only contain healthy amounts of caffeine (one 2 oz. shot equal to one and half cups of coffee), but these plants also contain powerful constituents to improve the body’s response to stress, give a long-lasting focused boost of energy, and eliminate the dreaded crash notorious of other mainstream energy drinks.  

“People are constantly surprised that they can take a Woke Up! energy shot when they need it, experience energy all day, and then have no problem going to sleep whenever they’re ready,” commented Dilan Jay. “That’s what I wanted — the benefits of plant-based energy, without any jitters or crash to mess you up.” 

Woke Up! Herbal Energy Shot

The Woke Up! herbal energy shot launches at a time when consumer desire for plant-based alternatives is at an all-time high. According to a study from Kerry Research, 82% of people will pay more for a cleaner label product. Further, consumer interest in adaptogens grew 55% in 2020 alone, according to data from Spoonshot, with consumer interest in the mushroom cordyceps spiking up 86% — an ingredient in Woke Up!.  

“Given the plant-based industry is projected to hit $13 trillion by 2025, according to Global Market Insights, it’s the job of entrepreneurs to create products that meet consumer demand,” continued Dilan Jay.  

Woke Up! Energy Shot

Furthermore, the plant-based formula is packed with B vitamins to support immunity, a prime point of interest given the pandemic. With mushrooms that support energy, and adaptogens formulated to balance and fortify the body to make it more resilient, consumers can rest assured that drinking a shot of Woke Up! won’t leave them drained the day after, but possibly stronger than ever.  

Woke Up! herbal energy shot was created to give everyone a better energy shot at a price they can afford, whether they are a college student, office worker, truck driver, or fitness enthusiast.

Powered by plants, and formulated to meet life’s demands, you can request a FREE sample kit by contacting Mark Sale at, call 813-846-7071.

Woke Up! Energy Drink