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While technology is becoming the norm in vending, many operators still maintain machines which don’t have modern options such as contactless technology and video.  The question many operators are asking is if their older machines are generating less revenue than updated units. 

By specializing in modern technology, Automated Vendtech is a company which addresses those operator concerns which will help operators retain customers rather than sending them to another location where they may find machines with newer technologyAutomated Vendtech specializes in offering a vending platform that includes a touchscreen interface, multiple payment options and remote management system that enables vending operators to manage machines from anywhere they can obtain an internet connection.  Automated Vendtech has over 30 years of experience in engineering and designing new vending machines. 

Automated Vendtech’s fully customizable vending machines offer a 32” full–color LCD touch-screen monitormultiple payment options including cash, coin and credit/debtrefrigerationand the ability to store hot foods that require temperatures up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit.  Machines can also dispense multiple product in one transaction. 

Software from Automated Vendtech offers remote sales and accounting, time of day discounting, programmable POS messages, coupon and token values and TOD shutdown modes. 

To learn more about Automated Vendtech and its vending machines, go to, email or call 800-214-9128.

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