A Word From Alex Vaserman, VP of Technology Nayax

Alex Vaserman, VP of Technology at Nayax LLC
Alex Vaserman, VP of Technology at Nayax LLC

Alex Vaserman, VP of Technology at Nayax LLC, sat down with the Nayax team to talk about the future of micro markets, and what he learned at NAMA.

“Technological advances are being made to micro markets at a surprising rate, improving user experience exponentially. The process of purchasing items at a self-checkout is becoming more natural for the end user, with an intuitive interface and endless options to choose from.

More and more people are flocking to these micro markets because they are quick, convenient, and can offer a larger variety of high-quality products as they are not limited by space.

Micro markets are a low-cost and high-return way of breaking into the unattended market. The cost of a good combo vending machine that allows for several products to be bought at once is upwards of $10,000, while a micro market POS costs about $2,500.

Micro markets can serve anyone, anywhere. A micro market can be installed in closed-loop environments for employees at a large company or for students at a university. Micro markets can also be found in more open environments such as a mall food court, making them accessible to any mall visitor. Nayax’s Nova Market accepts all major payment methods with an integrated POS and can also accept customized closed-loop cards and create unique consumer loyalty campaigns. Nova Market can also work with major CRM systems by supporting different protocols.

Operators can stay open 24/7, stock any product they like, and not worry about broken machines. With Nayax, they can also receive onboarding, customer support, a staff and inventory management suite, and customer loyalty solutions all-in-one for a very low monthly cost.”

Learn more about redefining the consumer experience with Nova Market here: https://www.nayax.com/solution/nova-market/

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