PREPAID PHONE CARD Vending Machines for sale!
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PREPAID PHONE CARD Vending Machine equipment for sale!
Suppliers for Pre Paid Phone card dispensers and
prepaid phone card machine company suppliers listed here.

Contact the phone card companies listed below for more info about their services.
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Company/ Website Pre Paid Phone Card Company Suppliers Photo/Logo Contact Info InteleCard News - The Magazine for The Pre Paid Phone Card Industry! Visit: for more info.   Phone: 800-792-6397
or 877-548-9567
Opal Manufacturing
Opal Manufacturing - Manufacturers of Prepaid phone card Products and Services. Prepaid phone card vendors, Prepaid phone card machines.   Phone: 416-665-6605
Fax: 416-665-5631

Technik Mfg, Inc is a competent manufacturer of phone card vending machines and card vending kiosks, custom vending machines. Technik is organized to build your vending machines to SELL WHILE YOU SLEEP. Phone cards, booklets, CD vending, compact discs are just a few products our machines vend...Ask Yourself, "What can we vend for you?"

click here for technik mfg website! Phone: 888-832-4645
Local: 402-564-3191
Fax: 402-564-0406 The Phone Card Warehouse (TPC)  is the largest wholesaler and manufacturer of prepaid phone cards in USA! TPC delivers service to each and every part of the United States. Head Quartered in Orlando, Florida.   Phone: 800-854-4010
Fax: 407-273-9888

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