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Looking for Wholesale Healthy snacks? Healthy foods? Listed below are healthy product suppliers.
Energy Bars, Healthy Foods, prepackaged Energy packs, Low Carb, Organic foods,
Soy products, Dried Fruit and Vegatables, Sesame products, Healthy products to vend,
Low Fat, Heathy product SUPPLIERS for your vending machines listed here.

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Also see: Energy Foods, Energy Bars, Low Carb Foods, Meat Snacks.
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Health Vend - Healthy Snack, Drinks, Bars, Chips and More!

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Company / Website Healthy Vending Snacks, Food Products Photo/Logo Contact Info New BARE FRUIT is a delicious, healthy snack that is 100% Organic Bake-Dried Fruit, low in calories, high in fiber and naturally sweet. The secret is in our slow bake-dried process in apple wood-burning ovens. BARE FRUIT comes in a variety of flavors, including chips and dried fruit.   Phone: 800-940-0019
Local: 509-826-8003
Fax: 509-826-8033 Dakota Gourmet - Healthy snacks you'll be proud to serve... Since 1987, the master roasters at Dakota Gourmet have converted locally grown corn, sunflower, and soybean commodities into mouth-watering Dakota Gourmet Foodservice Site school menu items that meet USDA standards.   Phone: 800-727-6663 Dipasa USA, Inc. - Our Sesame Honey bits are a healthy and delicious treat. We combine our mechanically hulled sesame seed with our special honey to make this nutritious snack. Based out of Brownsville, Texas.   Phone: 956-831-4072
Fax: 956-831-5893 EatSmart All-Natural Snacks are always tastier and always better for you.  Now, reduce carbs with Soy~Teins™, the delicious new low carb seasoned soy crisp loaded with 7 grams of soy protein and 6 grams of net carbs.   Phone: 800-233-7125
Fax: 717-632-7207 Energy Bar - "The Online Source for Premium Energy Bars" Our energy bars are manufactured to the highest quality possible and shipped by priority mail directly from the factory. Every Day Fruit Healthy Snacks Can Be Tasty Too! Discover how easy it can be to snack your way to better health just by eating fruit-based healthy snacks!  Everyday Fruit has a solution to all of the excuses we use to avoid eating healthy snacks; all while you get the suggested daily fruit requirement. Ensure your long-term health with these appetizing and healthy snacks.   Phone: 888-262-3997
Fax: 305-768-3916
Good Health's key products include savory snacks: Veggie StixTM, Olive Oil Potato ChipsTM, Peanut Butter PretzelsTM, apple chips, popcorn, candy, and crackers.   Phone: 631-261-5608  
Fax: 631-261-2147

Having trouble finding healthier snacks and beverages for your vending machines? HealthVend is your answer! now serving the entire USA! HealthVend – A Norman Distribution Division, is a boutique distribution company out of IL specializing in bringing the best Healthy Snacks and Beverages to Vending Service Companies, micro-markets and school districts across the USA. Norman Distribution, Inc. is a full service distributor and brand developer of Health Vend Products USA!

Healthy Snacks, Bars, Chips, Milk and Healthy Drinks!

Phone: 847-228-3083
Cell: 773-474-2222
Fax: 708-810-9400




Healthy Chocolate Products! All products are certified by Brunswick Laborites testing to have the highest antioxidant levels in our Healthy Chocolate products. No preservatives  - refined white sugar - wax - fillers - nor chemicals added. All Natural Cocoa, Acai Berry, Blue Berries etc, and most important Diabetic friendly! Power Cookie, Power Bar, Xe Energy Drink, Plus a variety of Healthy Chocolate products.


Phone: 909-810-0213
myhealthychocolateusa Nonni's Food Company - Offers Healthy vending Snacks! Including New York Style Pita Chips for your vending machines!   Phone: 630-607-8942 specializes in the daily delivery of personalized healthy meals and specialized diets across the state of California.  Nutrifit Online caters to special diets as well, such as the Zone Diet, South Beach Diet, and the Mediterranean Diet.  They also offer a wealth of educational information and programs.  Lastly, they offer the best energy bars on earth which are baked on premises.  

Phone: 800-341-4190
Local: 310-473-1989 Season Snacks - Snack Food Products  Check out our Soy Chips! Snack foods, low carb snack products, healthier snack, snack food products, natural snacks, organic snacks, low fat snacks, kettle corn, high protein snack products, caramel corn, and cheese puffs!   Phone: 630-628-0211
Fax: 630-628-0385

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