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DEBIT CARDS, Debit Card Systems,
and SMART CARDS, Play Card System Companies!

Card Suppliers for Vending, Kiosks, Self Service, Amusement.

Smart card based software solution applications, Cashless transactions, Debit card systems.
Debit Card System Suppliers for vending and business machines, Cashless Vending!
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Company / Website Debit Card Systems for Vending Machines Photo/Logo Contact Info The Debitek Electronic Cash System is a combination of hardware, software, and services that address the needs of small value transaction automation in a closed environment.   Phone: 800-332-4835
Local: 423- 894-6177 DebitKey, Inc. is a leader in engineering and manufacturing products which benefit the vending, amusement, coin-op, industries. From advanced cashless smart chip technologies to simple counting devices we can provide solutions to many of the issues associated with coin-op equipment and virtually eliminate the risk of loss associated with cash.   Phone: 248-524-6370
Fax: 248-524-6374

Greenwald Industries - We offer many products such as: SmartCard Solutions, FlashCash Reader Solutions, contactless by using FlashCard, SmartCards. Click here for more information.


Phone: 800-221-0982 Laundry Card - Store owners can now sell items to their customers and allow them to pay for them with their card. Drop off laundry or Dry Cleaning are only a few of the possible services that can be integrated into the system.   Phone: 866-860-1660
Sacoa Wireless Debit Card System

Sacoa Wireless Debit Card System -Sacoa is the developer of the Playcard System, a debit card system designed to control and manage FEC and Amusement Park Facilities. The Playcard System is applicable to all types of attractions -Simulators, Kiddie rides, Redemption games, Rides and PCs- and can be used in operations of any size, from large outdoor parks to small stores, with ease and efficiency. USA Technologies provides wireless, Internet technology that enables vending operators to accept cashless transactions, such as credit cards, smart cards, RFID tags and room key cards for payment.

Phone: 800-633-0340

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