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Wholesale Coffee and Tea Products - Suppliers listed below.
Wholesale Coffee and Wholesasle Tea Product Suppliers for Vending and Food Service,
and Office Coffee Service.  Espresso, Drip, Gourmet coffee, Instant coffee,
Coffee blends, Roasters, Tea, Cappuccino, Soy coffee, Decaf, Coffee Pods.

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Company / Website Coffees and Teas-  Company Description Photo/Logo Contact Info Blue Ridge Tea - Specializing in Private Label Tea, Bag Packers and Herb Specialists, We are contract packers of specialty teas and private label tea bags.   Phone: 718-625-3100
Fax: 718-935-1874
Boston's Best Boston's Best - Have your customers been asking for flavored coffees & you haven’t been able to find them in individual pot packets? Look no more! Our selection of delicious flavored coffee is sure to bring you new business. Hazelnut Crème & French Vanilla are sure winners, but why not try… Swiss Chocolate Almond, Rainforest Nut Crème, or Butterscotch - to name a few.   Phone: 800-898-8393
Fax: 503-238-6835
sales@ Capella Coffee, Flavored coffee - Shop for the finest gourmet flavored coffees as well as blends and espresso's, where we roast your coffee the day it ships!   Phone: 866-686-3666 is the preeminent home and Office Coffee Service on the Internet. You can expect everyday low prices from us. Search our wide selection of Coffee, Tea and Gifts, perfect for ANY occasion!   Phone: 888-893-7593 Colonial Coffee Roasters, Inc - With over 50 years of coffee heritage brewing behind us,  we can help you discover or capture the true character of your coffee and label. We are also proud to offer you our house brands, Colonial International (100% Colombian) & Cafe Latino (espresso coffee).   Phone: 305-634-1843
Fax: 305-634-2538 Become a valued wholesale distributor of Don Veitia products, we assure you that your customer will ask always for Don Veitia fine Gourmet Coffee, Cocoa and Chocolate.   Phone: +58-212-7405125
Drury Coffee & Teas

At Drury we have over seventy years experience in blending fine quality teas and roasting the world's finest gourmet coffees. Originally called Olmi Brothers Tea we were established in central London in 1936, but changed our name a decade later, taking inspiration from our headquarters in Drury Lane. We remain a family-owned business offering some of the very best teas and coffees available in the UK for both the caterer and retail customers. 

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Tel. +44 (0)207 740 1100
Fax. +44 (0)207 394 2580

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Inc. -
Visit our website for details on our coffee products.

  Phone: 888-879-4627

The Herbal Tea - Top quality, premium herbal teas, from Africa, China, Japan and India along with single origin coffees and high quality teapots & cups. and tea supplies. We are committed to using only the finest ingredients in our product because your satisfaction is our ultimate goal.
Shop and order online today! Heritage Coffee - Full Service Coffee Roasters for Vending, OCS, Foodservice & Specialty. Wholesale Coffee Vending - USA and Worldwide!   Phone: 800-486-1198

Lavazza Premium Coffees Corp - One Complete Solution for your Office Coffee Service Company. Lavazza Blue machines are extremely easy to use, virtually maintenance free and suitable for all spaces. High quality coffee in the workplace. Single servicing coffee excellence.  

Phone: 212-725-8800

S&D Coffee

S&D Coffee - Coffee and Tea Manufacturer, Roaster. Including: Specialty Gourmet Coffees, Hot drinks, Juices, Syrups, Toppers and Condiments. Visit to view all our coffee products! Based in Concord, NC.

  Phone: (800) 933-2210
Fax: (800) 950-4378 Soy Coffee is a phenomenon just hitting the nation. Besides being completely organic and caffeine-free, Soyfee introduces a steady supply of soy to your diet, and the health benefits of soy are AMAZING!   Phone: 212-592-4702 Starbucks - Coffee Manufacturer for vending and OCS- Office coffee service.   Phone: 800-344-1575


Sturbridge Coffee Roasters ONLY use Arabica beans in our coffee blends. Robusta beans have more caffeine and are cheaper than Arabica beans, but don’t taste as good.  Many roasting companies blend Robusta and Arabica beans together to make cheaper coffee. Sturbridge Coffee Roasters is proud to serve ALL in New England and the USA!


Phone: 508-765-5520
billy@sturbridge Van Houtte is North America's largest coffee services network, (USA and Canada) Van Houtte serves more than 60,000 workplaces in most major cities. Build your own coffee program with our unique Total Coffee Solution.

Victor Allen's Coffee Inc.- Private-Label coffee's -- Victor Allen brands. Visit Website at:

  Phone: 920-394-5282
Fax: 920-788-1543

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