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FIND VENDING Charity Sponsorships, and Vending Outreach Programs!
You can Offer FUNDRAISING for Charities, through Your Vending
Machine Business! Achieve more credibility and more locations, by donating
and/or sponsoring a worthy charity sponsorship program. Give $$ for a good cause.

Fund raising companies to support your vending business listed here.
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Contact the Charity companies listed below for more information about their services.
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Click here to find out about the vending programs at American Association for Lost Children!!!

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American Association For Lost Children, Inc. (AAFLC) is an awesome and unique charity that finds and rescues missing children. Vending donations have enabled AAFLC to rescue numerous missing children. AAFLC provides vendors everything needed for a successful vending business. Voted #1 Charity Vending Program, we require only $1.00 donation per sticker per month.

click here for American Association for Lost Children website!

Phone: 800-375-5683
Local: 724-537-6970 American Foundation for Disabled Children, Inc. We are a National Charity assisting challenged children, for over 15 years. We work closely with our vendors and provide everything they need to succeed.

AMFDC Charity website!

Phone: 718-987-6911
Fax: 718-980-1271 CANCER FUND OF AMERICA, INC, Serving the cancer family for over 28 years, maintaining from 40 to 50 tractor trailers load of over 100 new products for patients via families, hospice and other non-profit health agencies nationwide.   
We provide vending machine labels to vendors helping raise funds for our programs. 1-800-578-5284 James Reynolds, Pres.
 Visit our website at:
  Phone: 865-938-5281
Fax: 865-938-2968

Candy for a Cause™ Pink Ribbon Program is the fastest growing charity vending program.  Make money while making a difference with laminated corrugated or clear plastic mint, lollipop, or bulk candy displays.  We also carry matching labels for bulk machines, all with protected territories. (contact) 716-873-7003

  Phone: 716-873-7003

ACV Vending Services

ACV Vending Services-1 We provide a full line of vending machines in your place of business FREE, and donate proceeds to your favorite charityTypes of Machines: Snack, Soda, Bottled Water, Coffee, Food, Healthy Vending Machines, High quality machines and products with excellent service. Call 1-800-454-2454!
Visit our website: or visit our other charity website at:

Charity Vending Machines - FREE!

Phone: 800-454-2454
Fax: 515-274-0390
bfankell Family Life International, Inc., a national 501(c)3 non-profit, with its Hugs Not Drugs® and Grandparents Against Drugs projects, seeks to end the demand for drugs by early childhood education. Our Vending Outreach Program is excellent. See our Vending Times ad. Visit our website. Obtain a FREE vending start-up package!

click here for Hugs Not Drugs Vending Chairty Group!

Phone: 561-585-7771
Fax: 561-585-9411

Multiple Sclerosis Association of America

Multiple Sclerosis Association of America - Proceeds raised through this program will fund the Equipment Distribution Program that provides equipment at no charge to those challenged with MS.  Items range from electric wheelchairs, scooters and portable ramps to smaller items as easy grip utensils, bed railings and tub seats. Visit our website at:


Phone: 800-532-7667

Operation Smile-Operation Smile is a charity organization healing children's smiles, making the world a better place. As a children’s charity, we measure ourselves by the joy we see on all of the faces we help. At Operation Smile, we're more than a charity organization. More than an NGO. We're a mobilized force of medical professionals and caring hearts who provide safe, effective reconstructive surgery for children born with facial deformities such as cleft lip and cleft palate.





Teen Challenge is funded by contributions. We have a vending label program! Please consider a donation to Teen Challenge. Your Generous Gift Will Help Turn Young Lives Around!


Phone: 951-682-8990 jon.ubovich@

The National Children's Cancer Society's provides direct financial assistance to families with children battling cancer. Become a member of our successful vending program which generates an average of $750,000 annually to help the families.  Call today and our full-time vending staff will answer all your questions and supply your needs in a timely manner.

The National Children's Cancer Society

Phone: 314-446-5223
Fax: 314-735-2023
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