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In August of 2012, Kooler Ice, Inc annouced the IM2500.  The new IM2500 Ice Vending Machine is our largest and most productive Ice vending machine yet! The IM2500, like our other Kooler Ice models, offers owners outstanding style, technology and features that are sure to attract the consumer's attention and make your business rewarding and profitable!After watching other manufacturers develop...


For the last several years, Kooler Ice has been listening to the needs of customers and designing equipment around those needs.  Kooler Ice is proud to introduce the newest machine to the Kooler Ice family - the IM1000.  The IM1000 provides retailers with a machine that combines outstanding style, production and technology into a pacakge that will increase their ice sales and...

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Bag of Ice

Bag of Ice Vending Machines for sale!
Bag of Ice

The compact venders come in four models -- the smallest measuring 34" wide x 52" deep x 112" high -- that produce quantities of ice equal to much larger machines, according to the company. This opens more doors for placement in high-traffic sites like retail storefronts where floor space is at a premium and ice vending is typically most successful. Strip malls, car washes, convenience and liquor stores, and large apartment complexes are among the sites Bag of Ice recommends for placing its machines.
The machines offer a selection of 10, 16 or 20 lbs. of ice, which can be dispensed into a bag supplied by the machine that the customer hangs on the ice chute or into his or her own cooler.
Bag of Ice venders do not offer an auto-bagging feature. The company said it finds the technology to be unreliable in smaller-footprint machines, and that eliminating them assures a higher vend rate and fewer maintenance problems.
Vend prices range from $1 to $3, $1.25 to $4 and $1.75 to $6, respectively.
Depending upon the model, ice bin capacities range from 300 lbs. to 1,500 lbs. with the ability to produce 1,250 lbs. to 3,720 lbs. of ice per day. The average cost of producing a 10-lb. bag of ice is 25¢, including bag and utilities, the company said.
Insulation keeps ice frozen in the storage bin, eliminating the need for a refrigeration system, keeping the operator's electric bill and maintenance costs to a minimum and reducing the machine's environmental impact. Bag of Ice's SmartTech cooling system recycles the cooler air and water back into the system for optimum ice-making efficiency. The venders can also be equipped to dispense purified water into the patron's container in up to three different portion sizes. The average vend price is 25¢ to 50¢ for one gallon; 50¢ to $1 for three gallons; and $1 to $2 for five gallons. Routine service includes collecting funds, cleaning the machine's exterior and replenishing its bag supply. Beyond that, the equipment requires quarterly icemaker cleaning, replacing water filters as needed, cleaning coin mechanisms and bill acceptors weekly to monthly depending on the environment, and lubricating machine components annually. Check out our website at: Call: 1-877-371-1555 or email us at:


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