How to Buy or Sell a Vending Machine Business? Sell your vending machine route!

If you currently have a vending machine business and would like to sell…the following are some suggestions to help!

Vending Machine Business Start Up EbooksHow can I sell my vending business route?
Yes, you can sell your vending business quickly and get the asking price that you deserve.
Many people are looking to buy a vending route for various reasons. Such as: just got laid off current job, husband or wife or significant other needs a part time job, they need extra money, they just got a divorce and lost your job, they want to start a family owned business, etc.

Use this check list to help you successfully sell your vending business.
Whether you have a Vending Business consisting of these type of vending machines: Snack, Soda, Coffee, Gumball vending route, Energy Drinks, Healthy Vending Machines, Bulk Vending routes, combo Snack and Soda for small locations, DVD vending machines and/or a massage chair route the steps are basically the same.

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1) How long has your business been established? 

  • how many vending machines?
  • what brands and model types?
  • how old are the vending machines?

2) Name of Company, were main office located? Web address?

3) Where are each of the machines locations? What Cities and Addresses? – What type of machines are on each location? and preferably how much revenue each machine generates per month? (Documenting each machine’s serial numbers, brand type, and mechanical specifics).

4) Grand total the Gross amount of sales revenue generated each month of all vending machines (The gross amount is the total amount of money collected before any expenses). The Net amount is the total amount of money left after expenses are deducted. Now calculate the annual (yearly) Gross amount of revenue and the Net annual $ amount of your entire Vending Business Route for sale.

5) Determine the Sale price. The national average rate to determine the sale price for a vending machine route is 70-100% of the Gross annual sales. (100% if all machines are 2 years or newer, with warranties- higher value).
Then Add on for extras such as established routes over 5 years; Market value for Assets: Vehicles, cars or vans, Extra equipment like hand dollies, coin mechs, changers parts, vendible products and office supplies at fair market value.

6) How long are you willing to “train” this buyer to run the business?
This will depend on the persons experience in vending and how large the vending business route is. Plan on any where from 2 days to 2 weeks. Some buyers want to walk through all locations and view the machines and talk to managers before they buy. Some buyers don’t need the personal walk through, as long as all the locations are documented in your buy/sell agreement.

7) You can purchase a Buy/Sell Business Agreement at your local Office Max or Office Depot in the business for section.- Then just fill in the banks. You and the buyer then sign agreement and have a notary public stamp the document, just as you would when buying a car.

8) Buyer pays upfront for The Vending Business Route, by Money Order, or Cashiers Check. If you accept a Personal Check, wait for the check to clear the bank before you hand over the keys to the business.

9) If the buyer needs assistance in financing, there are Vending Business Financing companies to contact listed on:  Funding CapitalFinancing, Leasing Equipment,

10) Now you are ready to Advertise your Route for sale online!! We have calls daily from people wanting to purchase established vending routes, we can help you write an ad.Place an ad on’s— Vending Routes For Sale webpage –for only $95 per month! The Route for sale AD includes Includes: 200 words and a photo, phone, fax and email link.

***Smaller routes usually sell within one month – routes selling for 20,000 or less do sell within one month!!
***Larger Routes usually sell within 2 to 3 months.

Go to: Vending Routes for sale webpage then click to post your ad online or contact us direct and we can help you…

Call 1-800-956-8363. email us for more information on how to sell your vending business.


Wishing you much success!  Call VC Team with any questions 1-800-956-8363 today!

We have gathered this information as public knowledge, and advise that you seek professional counsel when selling a business- such as a lawyer, attorney, certified public accountant, notary public.

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